3 Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

When it comes to refurbishing a house, most of us focus on putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls or buying new furniture, all the while, ignoring an essential aspect of a house, the roof. A collapsed roof can have disastrous consequence. Generally, roofs need to be changed after every ten to fifteen years. For residential roofing Ottawa, you contact the help of Vertical Limit Roofing who are experts in their field and can give you expert advice.

Roof is an essential aspect of any house that protects us from heat, cold and rain. A house is just four walls without a roof. Since it sustains so much weather damage throughout the year, it is advisable to check for any signs of damage. Here are a few signs that indicate your roof might need repairing: 

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Broken shingles and leaks

Two main reasons for damaged or broken shingles are weather damage due to strong gusts of wind or physical harm. It makes the structure of the house weak and opens it up to further damage. Water can drip inside the house if it rains heavily. A hole in your rooftop is an indication that you require quick repair. Punctures and openings in the flashings show that your rooftop is beginning to lose its toughness. They are normally caused by damage from branches and wild creatures, yet your rooftop will get exhausted in time, as well. On the off chance that you see a substantial bit of your rooftop has huge harm, have it repaired as quickly as time permits. Missing shingles are another sign that your rooftop needs repair work soon. While it's regular for maybe a couple shingles to get brushed off, interior issues, for example, breaks and hail splits can get your shingles severely damaged, as well. You can use the help of contractors like Vertical Limit Roofing, who are Ottawa Ontario roofing contractors


You can often see black streaks on your roof. Before you blow them off as just dirt, take a closer look. It can be something much sinister – Mold. Gloeocapsa magma, the same fungus that grows on the trunk of a tree leaves an oily residue on the shingles. This ruins the quality of your roof and makes it more susceptible to damage.

Light Shining Through the Roof

This is a clear sign that your roof has some damage. As the house gets older, the roof becomes thinner allowing more light to seep in. This also makes the roof more prone to damage from rain and wind. Sunlight shining through the roof is a clear indication that there might be cracks or holes in the roof.
If you care about your family and health, it is advisable to address these issues as soon as possible to prevent any serious damage.


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